Rose Berlin

RemedyLife is a constant process of dyingSoundtrack

The materials that Rose has used in her past work have been
darkness, dust, concrete and sound. She has made books that
you cannot read, a one off 7inch vinyl that is not for sale and made
dust dance to dulcet bass tones. For this exhibition she has begun
a new process of working beginning with a collection of quotes
found on tumblr written or posted by the young… (Rose is 25)

“Do you believe in love?
“Life is a constant process of dying.”
“Our lives are defined by opportunities, even
the ones we miss.”
“Sometimes I can hear my bones straining
under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.”
“How do you ever know for certain that you
are doing the right thing?”

Rose’s response:
“At first I laughed at these because they seem so dramatic
and in some cases ridiculously obvious, like the quotes on
the t-shirts I bought in Camden when I was 14. The last of
these quotes for me is the most relevant and the most
common worry of people my age. We are at the point where
the truths of “real life” are becoming apparent and it’s looking
increasingly unlikely that our dreams will ever come true.
Statements like these are posted on various social media
platforms every day and act as either an attempt to rationalize
our existence, or more commonly to show to other people how
cool and deep they think they are. There seems to be a constant
need to be profound and interesting when the fact is we are too
young to have experienced enough to make sufficiently informed
decisions. I’m not saying that all young people  are vacuous,
I just mean that in order to understand what life is about, surely
you have to have actually lived one…”


The work in this show will be multi faceted, making use of a range
of different mediums. The collection of works will include a public
participation lead sculpture installation and a quadraphonic sound
piece. It is …


 A youthful comment, fraudulently purporting to be an

authoritative interpretation of the vicissitudes of mortality

and death.

Rose Berlin
Rose Berlin

More… Rose Berlin is a sound artist and graduate of UAL. She has always had a fascination with death; in particular the idea that our time alive should be time well spent. Her work up until now has been obsessed with the idea that time is something we should pay attention to, we should be encouraged to stop and acknowledge moments that you wouldn’t necessarily take notice of, such as dust dancing in streams of light. She uses sound in her work as a means of communication, as a way of luring the listener to a recognisable and therefore comfortable place by referencing the ”pop record”. Rose is a musician and an artist, but with her work hopes to bridge the gap between the two. She uses her voice to create sound-scapes that set a mood for her installations/sculptures or in this case the exhibition space itself.

Rose’s relationship with Fatima is one that she holds very close (they have been friends for over a decade), and the events that have taken place in recent months have undoubtedly effected Fatima, but have also provided some much needed perspective for Rose. Life is full of shit and as hard as we try, still impossible to avoid. But does this mean that we should spend out lives desperately trying to shit proof every-single moment? Up until now Rose was making work when she could (in-between the 9 to 5 job and her self-loathing), she was desperately trying to find a way out.

 The work she has created for this show is something that we have never seen from her before. Gone are the huge philosophical questions about our existence and in it’s place we find a much more focused message. It is still about death, but her tack has changed and it seems that she has suddenly found a sense of humour.

 Roses work in this show questions the projected image of a 20-something person alive today.

 “As a demographic it seems we are unable to go without sharing our thoughts constantly. Be that through text on twitter, images on instagram or simply by the slogan on our t-shirt. There seems to be this growing fascination with being profound and interesting, but the fact is that it is simply not possible. We are too young and too fucking scared to realise that actually all we need to do is live.”


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