Kiss of Death







Well that’s it done and dusted – the show is down and packed up – Rose’s ‘Rememdy’ and the gumball machine together with Fat’s ‘M’ video are on their merry way to Venice. rose and Fats follow on the 17th – not by UPS!

Changes came and we smashed them!

Thank you to all those who visited the exhibition, helped with the exhibition and generally gave your support. We will keep you posted on future events and exhibitions and hope you all find your remedy and catharsis.

Lots of love Rose and Fats xxxxx 1st June 2015


PV video:  Filmed  by Josh Knox Edited by HKG of Cheekyfire

Rose Berlin is 25 and is a sound artist and graduate of UAL. For a young woman she harbours what some may think is an unhealthy pre-occupation with death. See how she deals with it.
Fatima Fletcher is 60 and was until last December a ‘resting’ fine artist, someone else and Director of a digital design and programming company. She now has an unhealthy knowledge of the Male Mid Life Crisis and is no longer ‘resting’.

 ‘Kiss of death’ at Islington Arts Factory 16th to 29th May is a cathartic exhibition for both women – it is an exploration, a finger poking, a ‘this shit really happens’, a moving on and a breath of air taken with a smile.The work uses and embraces sound, video, lighting, installation and photography. Sad and funny it both mourns and laughs at the same time. Both women see art as a powerful means of communication and an integral part of their lives operating as both weapon and tool.

‘A youthful comment, fraudulently purporting to be an authoritative interpretation of the vicissitudes of mortality and death’.



‘Any one of those kisses from your loved and cherished husband/partner can be a Kiss of Death – death to all you hold dear, death to reality, death to confidence and friendship and worst of all death to ever trusting anyone ever again. But not ever should it be the death of yourself.’

Exhibition runs from 16th to 23rd May 2015

New works by                                                                  For further information contact:
Fatima Fletcher & Rose Berlin                          Director of Art Eleanor Pearce
Islington Arts Factory                                                   Tel: 020 7607 0561   Twitter: @IAFholloway
2 Parkhurst Rd,                                                     
London N7 OSF

‘Kiss of death’ is open at the following times:

Thursday 21st May 10am-7pm
Friday 22nd May 10am-7pm
Saturday 23rd May 10am-5.30pm
Sunday 24th May 11-5.30pm
Monday 25th May Bank Holiday the exhibition is CLOSED
Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th 10am-7pm
Thursday 28th May 10am-7pm
Friday 29th May 10am-7pm LAST DAY of the EXHIBITION


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