Fatima Fletcher

In January 2015 Fatima was someone else entirely and then on her 60th birthday she was discarded by her husband of 19 yrs
for a 24 year old dominatrix. There was no truth or answers to be found in the situation but there were lots of clichés – ‘I love you
but am not in love with you’ and some surreal and offensive one liners ‘Some women enjoy being stitched up’ all of which she
thought should be addressed.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

So by getting some giclée on the clichés this new work is that addressing.

Tongue tied
Tongue tied

Kiss of Death  has 3 new video works. Cathartic and auto –biographical they are presented as raw commentaries upon
betrayal and re-invention , obsession as saviour not destroyer and memory as a beach. December 2014 and early January 15
were for Fats a rich and toxic mix of being treated as a broken old wife, work, a young predatory dominatrix, cruelty, obsession,
Christmas, a beach holiday, confusion, heart break and the DVD Maleficant seen many, many times with her grandchild Louie.

DOM’ – is:

  1. short for dominatrix
  2. ‘The Document Object Model’ (DOM) which is a cross-platform and

language-independent convention for representing and interacting with
objects in HTML, XHTML, and XML documents. The nodes of every
document are organized in a tree structure, called the DOM tree.
‘It was Christmas and with my ‘narcissus stick’ I made a response to
betrayal by becoming a DOM myself after all …’

“Sex in the mind is just as unkind”

DOM (domestic tv with chair) 


She found the DOM within herself
She found the DOM within herself
still from DOM art video 2015 Fatima Fletcher
Document Object Model
DOM in Kiss of Death exhibition
DOM in Kiss of Death exhibition

M’  (iPad wall mounted)


“Disney’s animated film Sleeping Beauty came out in 1959 –  4 years on age 8
I was completely obsessed by the Maleficant character and
longed to become her. 51 years later Maleficant was reborn in her own
movie re-igniting my buried interest. I was bought horns for Christmas so
I became M again – to curse the joke that I thought was a loving marriage,
revisit my honeymoon destination in order to start anew and get creative.”

“Royalty, Nobility and oh look the new friends!”

still from M video art by Fatima Fletcher 2015
Beauty and Malefecant
Hotel room a honeymoon
Hotel room, a honeymoon
M in Kiss of Death exhibition
M in Kiss of Death exhibition


Memory is a beach’

(iPhone wall mounted in frame)

Luscious and compelling memory lurks as a rich material within which to forensically search for answers – like a sun drenched beach washed by the sea and we all love holidays! Well not this one, not this beach, for here there are no answers as the tide continually changes that which you think you found and you don’t require gloves and the blue glow of Luminol to know that lies hide under every grain.

“Age turns the sea colder
Bad things are on dry land”

Something out of reach
Something out of reach
Don't think of here at all
Don’t think of here at all
Memory is a beach in Kiss of Death exhibition
Memory is a beach in Kiss of Death exhibition

Any one of those kisses from your loved and cherished husband/partner can be a Kiss of Death – death to all you hold dear, death to reality, death to confidence and friendship and worst of all death to ever trusting anyone ever again.

But not ever should it be the death of yourself.

More … Fatima Fletcher is in her 3rd escape, life or trimester. In the first she was a performance/video artist who decided in 1995 she wanted to watch her children grow up. In the second she succumbed to ‘Love’s First Kiss’ a play that ended sadly for most of the original cast – but true or false it made for a damn good story!.

Real lies began in November 2014 and by December she was making art again – ‘DOM’ a video art piece – raw and upsetting about finding your own DOM through pain and betrayal. In January 2015 on a ‘birthday’ holiday she began ‘M’ a video piece about obsession – her own obsession with Malifecant: From Disney to Angelina, revisiting Venice as M for a honeymoon replay. A 3rd video ‘Memory is a Beach’ was filmed entirely on said holiday where the denouement was administered. It is about the fear and danger of looking back to find answers where only shape shifting sands are to be found. Below water bits were filmed with an ipod in a freezer bag.

Fatima came to life as a credible being on January 11th – she found that sometimes in order to survive you have to kill yourself. Fats travels light and all 3 videos were filmed on her iPhone 5 using a narcissus stick. The photographs in the show are also taken with her iPhone, printed in limited editions using the giclée process. To discover that the love of your life is both liar and coward comes as a bit of a blow and the photographs are ‘one liner’ repeats or responses to words that were said to her and her own inability to make a valid response at the time. Fetish, cosmetic surgery and age are measurements  against which she was tried and found wanting, they provide a surreal mix. Some photographic images have been deemed inappropriate for the exhibition by the gallery but will be accessible by visual QR codes.

*un*, uninteresting, unbelievable, uncaring, unexpected, unkind, unfair, unthinking, undone, unrepentant,unfaithful, unforeseen, unloving, unacceptable, uncool, undone, *un*
*un*, uninteresting, unbelievable, uncaring, unexpected, unkind, unfair, unthinking, undone, unrepentant,unfaithful, unforeseen, unloving, unacceptable, uncool, undone, *un*

Fatima is not sexist in fact she has a lot of men friends, she is just responding to serious damage inflicted by what is commonly and laughingly described as a male, mid-life crisis –  it’s not funny! Fat’s uses  technology as first aid, problem solver, counsellor, peace maker and powerful tool. The work is dedicated to her ‘new family’ – those who aided her rebirth on January 11th they all know who they are.




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